This I Believe

Camden - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe……

I believe in today’s bustling society so many things people do are overlooked. I believe every single person is running at a thousand miles a minute that they no chance to ever sit down and smell the roses. I believe that there are parents who only focus on what their children are doing wrong instead of all of the bright joyous things that they do every day. I believe you have business people who are so jacked up on coffee and energy drinks that they can’t sit still during a meeting, but then when they come home they crash and don’t spend any time with their family at home. There are so many beautiful things that human beings do today but all that society focuses on are they murders and dog fighting scandals and senators doing unconstitutional things in a Minnesota airport bathroom. I believe that the news should cover more positive stories rather than negative ones. I believe that people are so caught up in doing good that in theory they lose sight of what good is. I believe that the media blows small stories out of proportion and ruins the lives or people that either did nothing wrong or made a small mistake. All of these things that I believe I keep bottle up in me. So what I believe in reality is that you need to speak what you believe get your voice heard and don’t hide behind the cover of being impartial. Make up you mind and make what is in your head important. So many people keep in what they believe inside and that I believe is not the right thing to do.