This I Believe

joe - New Prague, Minnesota
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
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I Believe

Practice makes perfect. I have been bow hunting for 2 years and l have learned a lot over the period of time. I have had good and bad seasons. When I first started out hunting I was clueless. My first year I wasn’t the best I didn’t practice much and I didn’t know how to maintain my bow and arrow. My dad didn’t know anything about it so I went to my local archery shop and learned how to properly hold and shoot it.

My first year bow hunting I had very little experience. I had shot a little at home. When I got out in the woods I wasn’t very confident, I went out with high standard hoping to only shoot a buck, but that didn’t even happen I didn’t get anything the first year. After the first year I had recently subscribed to a bow hunting magazine. It was very informational and it had a lot of tips on how to maintain and how to shoot properly with consistency.

So when the second hunting season approach, I was prepared and successful. I had read every magazine and I practiced the whole summer. I shot out off my deck to the feel for an actually deer stand. I all so learned that you should shoot the whole season to maintain your form. So when I had the chance I nailed it and dropped my 4 point buck dead in his tracks. This is why I think practice makes prefect