This I Believe

kyle - new prague, Minnesota
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Belive that the moive was 300 was a terrible movie. I remember when I was the frailer fo it and I was like wow this looks like it is going to be an awsome movie I cant wait to see it. So the day came when the moive knows as 300. The next day at work I asked my friend if he had seen the movie and what he thought of it he said it was the moist amazing movie he had ever seenand he said that he was going to go see it again. Everyone else at work was saying that it was awsome and that everyone should go see this movie . About two days later some friends and me went to go see the movie I got into the movie and man was I excited I couldn’t wait to see this movie, So then the movie started and just like that it was over and people were clapping but I just had one thought on my mind it was that that movie sucked. I told my friends that it sucked and they freeked out on me saying stuff like what are you talking about how couldn’t you hate it, it was awsome! I was like no it was boring and weird. Now here are some of the things that I didn’t like about the movie 300. First of all it was boring I mean half the movie is just the leader what ever his name was just talking about how great sparta was. Another boring part was the hole part where he had to go ask the older guys permission to go to war and another part of this movie that wasn’t any good was the whole upbringing of the kid it should how they became spartans that was boring all it showed was the kid dodging his dads sword then it shows him fight some wolf ok when I saw this when I saw this part I was thinking alright this should be good I was expecting him to fight around with the wolf wrestle with him a little but no what he do he goes in between some rocks and stabs him no fighting or nothing just stabs the wolf. The whole movie it looked like a cartoon. The blood looked stupid it looked like jelly also the sky was yellow I don’t get what that was all about. There were also only about fifteen minuets of real action and when there was action it was mostly slow motion now I don’t know about you but I really don’t like slow motion it’s kinda cheesy at the end of the movie wasn’t even action packed of anything it was the king talking to that big guy with the eye makeup then he threw a spear at him which didn’t even hit him so. They also didn’t even show the big battle when the rest of the spartans came it sucked.