This I Believe

Michael - Montgomery, Minnesota
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


Through my life I’ve always felt that I was in the way. Everything I did was wrong. When I tried to have fun with others, it seems every time someone got hurt it was my fault. Trying my best, just having fun, it all seems to bring pain to me and everyone I knew. It took me to the point of ending the pain.

I believe that friends can change one’s life. I’ve had times I would have done anything to fit in to be accepted. One day I was talking to my friend Justin about changing how I act and even how I look. He told me that I was one of the coolest people he has ever known. With them words I stayed the same, and didn’t try to be someone I wasn’t.

I’ve never smoke pot in my life. Everyone I knew was doing it and I thought I would have to too. Chris, one of my older friends asked me if I wanted a hit from the pipe or a cigarette. I told him no, I don’t smoke. What he said next inspired me to never smoke pot or cigarettes ever. “Good job Mader keep it up.”

In 7th grade I was riding the bus to a track meet for the first time. Everyone was talking to their friends, everyone but me. Out of everyone on that bus I didn’t know a single one, and I got the feeling that no one wanted to talk to a fat kid like me. Poof out of nowhere this girl pokes her head out from behind the seat ahead of me with a huge smile. She started to talk to me, she asked my name, and ask if I wanted to be friends. I thought wow this girl must be angel from heaven. Seeing that she would talk to a person like me. She became my really first friend that I ever had and till this day we are still friends.

I can keep naming off friends that have changed my life, but I won’t. I believe that my friends have made me what I am today. I believe that they have changed me for the better.

I treasure my friendship with my friends. They have saved my life from a path that I don’t know what could of happen. For that I owe my life to them, and with that said I’ll proudly put my life on the line for everyone of them, seeing that if it wasn’t for them I probably won’t be here today.