This I Believe

Matthew - 55046, Minnesota
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Global Warming

Matthew Ceplecha

I believe that the world need some help to fight off this awful deal.

This world is melting away and why are we not doing anything. Yes sure Al Gore is out there but he really just out there to make money. He is just out there to get wealthy off of the world’s problems. But why doesn’t anyone go out there and do the world a favor not everything will be about the money if parts of the world begin to flood or if all the polar bears and penguins die out and become extinct. Why won’t anyone help this world we don’t all have to do these things just a few will help save this world and these species? We should have people that are just out there for these animals and this world.

I believe that the world needs some person to go out and give it a helping hand in this time of need.