This I Believe

Brian - Lonsdale, Minnesota
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Baseball, a Part of America

When you look back into America’s history you see baseball. It was there during the Great Depression, war, and segregation. It also is a part of my life. Baseball is a sport that brings my whole family together. My brother, dad, grandpa, and I all enjoy playing baseball. My mom and sister love watching baseball, especially the Twins.

I believe that baseball is a very big part of America. During the Great Depression, one thing that people did was watch or play baseball. It is one thing that keeps them happy and worries free. It helped because when u went to a game it is peaceful and you cheer on your team. It could also show never stop fighting. If your team was down don’t give up, keep trying to win. So maybe people used that to get through that time period and never gave up.

Baseball is also a very big part of segregation. It brought two races together. The first African baseball player was Jackie Robinson. Because he played with white people, made people thinks less of the color of your skin. Fans of all races came to watch Jackie. Soon after more African American joined baseball. This was a start to desegregation. It helps bring two races together on and off the field.

This is why I believe baseball is a big part of America. It made people happy and worry free. It also brought two races together. It also brings my family together. America wouldn’t be what it is today, if baseball wasn’t around.