This I Believe

Amy - Montgomery, Minnesota
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“Be Yourself”

Ever since probably about sixth or seventh grade I’ve had the ability to see through people. I don’t mean seeing through them physically, but I can tell if they’re fake, if they lie, cheat or whatever. It started with the girls in my small Catholic school class. They were each part of a “clique.” I don’t like stereotypes but if I were to stereotype them I’d call them the “preps.” As we got older it seemed they just became more and more fake. The thing about them that probably bothered me the most was if one of them did something different, or dressed a different way one day, then the rest of the girls would get mad at them and disown them for the day. It was like you had to dress, talk, or act a certain way in order to fit in with them and be their friends.

Now, I wasn’t having that! Why should I, or I should say, why would I want to be just like someone else in order to have friends? I wouldn’t, and I don’t. I’m a junior in high school now and the whole “clique” thing hasn’t changed as far as Im concerned. The “preps” have gotten bigger and of course “better.” I put better in quotations because they do think they are better than all of us other kids who just kind of float around from person to person or group to group. I am friends with mostly everyone. I’m even friends with most of the “preps.” I don’t think it should matter how you act or how you talk, or dress, in order to have friends because just being yourself gets you true friends. If you’re a true, genuine person, then I believe that you’ll have true, genuine friends.

This is my belief because it’s been proven true. I am me- no one else. I act the way I want, I talk the way I talk, and I wear whatever clothes are appealing to me on whatever day. It doesn’t matter to my friends because they believe in pretty much the same thing. But just because we believe in some of the same stuff doesn’t mean we’re all the same like the “preps.” The difference is that they do, say, dress, everything is the same, they’re all the same. But me and my friends are all completely different; we just share some of the same interests.

So I guess what I’m trying to say in this essay is to just be yourself. Don’t be afraid, because you’ll find great friends that’ll be your friend for who you are, not for what you wear, or how you talk, or act.