This I Believe

Erick - 94080, California
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity, work

“This I believe Essay”

Here I am again in my room pencil on my hand, blank paper in front of me Thinking about what to write. Struggling with what vocab words to use and how to start off my essay. Writing an essay is not the easiest thing in the world.

As for me writing is very difficult. I’ve always had trouble writing an essay. It takes a good amount of time to think what I am going to write about. Sometimes when im watching t.v I think of an or think of my introduction and I quickly write it down on a piece of paper before I forget. Once I got into high school I got a lot more essay assignments and writing became a lot more harder for me. But each year I think I learned a bit more writing skills. I learned how to do better hooks other than questions. I found out that paragraphs should have 6-8 sentences and make good sense. I learned how to use bigger vocab words than just the average middle school vocabulary. I think that I can put a lot more time into and essay now.

Writing can be stressful at some points but it’s not that bad if you put your time into it. It’s stressful because you have to think of a topic what to write which can take a lot of time and effort. It’s stressful because the teacher crosses out paragraphs that you put your time into and then it feels like you wasted your time for nothing. Some times I have to go through a lot of paper because I always crumple it up if it doesn’t sound good or if there is to many mistakes. If you take time out of your lunch and sit with your teacher and go over your essay it can help a lot because teachers always help you on the mistakes you made on your essay and they will go over the things your essay is missing. When I was a sophomore we had to write an essay on how fast food is bad for America. In the essay I didn’t procrastinate it and started right away. I wrote about that mcDonald’s is very bad for young kids because they get addicted to it and become over weight. I got a 90% on that essay which was the best score I ever got on a essay.

If you put your time and don’t wait for the last minute to do an essay you will get a very grade. Don’t try to finish quick, Sit down in a library or in a quite work area and you will be able to concentrate more and you will get less distracted. It can be stressful at some times like when you have to come up with a idea in a day. But at the end you will be proud of your paper.