This I Believe

nicholas - daly city, California
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

This I Believe Essay

I used to be really lazy. I would sleep in until two in the afternoon on days I didn’t have school. My parents work really hard. They own two businesses and often need a lot of help. My brother and sister have always been there for them helping them when they needed it. When I turned sixteen I realized I wasn’t doing much with my life and got a job at a coffee shop. Which I know doesn’t sound like much, but I would say changed me a lot.

The job I got was at a coffee shop down the street from my house. I thought it was a pretty laid back, easy job. I didn’t do much and I would slack off a lot. When I would slack off, by letting my coworkers take most of the customers and not doing most of the jobs I was supposed to do. I realized it would put my coworkers in a bad mood which I didn’t like because I like all my coworkers. Also I realized if my coworkers were in a bad mood and I seemed like I didn’t want to be there we would get fewer tips. I eventually started working harder and quit slacking off. I was doing everything right. My coworkers didn’t get mad at me anymore and we were making more tips. Working hard wasn’t too bad and it was rewarding. Finally after two weeks of working there I received my first pay check and looked down at the piece of paper. I remember thinking to myself, wow! Is all that money really mine? I got a good feeling knowing that I had earned that money the right way. With hard work and I could spend it on whatever I wanted, but it is a tradition in my family for the kids to split there first paycheck from there first job with there siblings and I decided to keep the tradition going just as my brother and sister did for me.

Having this job has changed me a lot. I no longer slack off and now I don’t mind going to help my parents when they need it. I have currently saved up ten thousand dollars in my bank account and will soon buy a car. I believe that hard work really does pay off and not just with a paycheck, but with the feeling of knowing that you earned that paycheck and being happy with yourself.