This I Believe

Alexxa-rae - frisco, Texas
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe.

I believe in shoulders, first and foremost for keeping our heads on. I believe in shoulders for being our support. Shoulders for falling asleep on, on the lengthy car ride back to Connecticut from the cozy cottage in Maine, and for always catching my head when I need it. I believe above all else however, in my brothers shoulders.

Though frail I’ve never met stronger shoulders to lean on. November of 2005, Ryan stood in the middle of our busy street, eerily quiet on this day; I have never seen my brother so composed, so calm. He watched from the yellow division lines, watching me watching them pack from the second story window. Suddenly I could sense all that must have been plaguing him and it seemed as if at that very moment, he might even stay. But when there were no boxes, or bags left to tuck away Tj closed the back door of the van hard, keeping his hand on it as if to be sure of what was to come next. Ryan made his way to the bottom of the steps and I did the same, meeting we walked to the tip of my driveway; where the change of color in asphalt collides like two entirely opposite worlds. I kept my head down as he talked steadily and when the conversation trailed off as if it had never existed, I was left figuring out how this all had come about. Knowing that there would be only so much time before traffic would begin picking up, I leaned my head on his shoulder, his knees bent almost completely, making me feel smaller than ever before. A few moments later, raising my head, he told me that “They’re always going to be there Al, I promise.’’

This I believe, that if there is nothing else we all could better ourselves with, it is a pair of shoulders to lean on, whether it be the shoulders of our families, our peers, or our friends. This I believe.