This I Believe

Austin - Heber city, Utah
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Austin Teig

“This I Believe” Essay


Being Patient and understanding

I believe in being patient and understanding to other people. You will have a far better relationship with your friends and family if you carry these characteristics. Your friends won’t be afraid to come and talk to you about the problems their having and you’ll be able to help them. People in general will want to be around you a whole lot more if you are understanding of the trials they are going through.

If you aren’t patient or understanding to other people, you shouldn’t expect to receive any if you confront someone with your problems. If you don’t have those traits it will end up bad for you either way. If you aren’t patient and understanding to someone then someone else is to you, you’ll feel guilty. And if someone isn’t patient and understanding to you you’ll probably become angry which will make you a hypocrite. One flaw will always lead to another.

My dad had a friend that didn’t carry these gifts when he was in high school. Since then his friend has had four divorces and other issues as well. It’s not enough just to be patient and understanding, you have to look for opportunities to make it known to the people around you. You have to let your friends know yourself, so that they’ll know they can talk to you. Just like one flaw will always lead to another, so will good things. Being patient and understanding will help rise other peoples self esteem as well as yours.

Being patient and understanding won’t just help you with people but with many other aspects as well. It will help you get though a long, hard working day. You will be more happy with your work, and be more successful with it. More people will want you to work for them and you’ll probably have a higher paying job that will even be easier then your other job. Some people still think that they’ll be happier serving themselves then others. They are the short tempered ones which is the opposite of being patient and understanding. They are the ones that live sad lives. It’s not about being able to live with the things of the world, it’s about being able to live with yourself. This I believe.