This I Believe

Parker - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Parker Webb

This I Believe Essay

December 13, 2007


If you ask most people to tell you a form of art, they would probably say painting, sculpting, or music. I think that these are all good types of art, but I have a favorite and less obvious type of art. My favorite type of art is snowboarding. Most people would call snowboarding a sport, but in a sport, you can win or lose, in snowboarding, you try to create the best combination of tricks that you possibly can in the terrain park, half-pipe, or whatever you choose. In competitions, you can win, but everyone knows that those are just popularity contests anyway. In snowboarding, you have to be creative to get through a terrain park without falling on your butt. You grind, and jump to get the coolest looking combination of spins, grabs, switches, grinds, reverts, well, I could go on all day. If you watch the people at the terrain parks, then you will see that every single person provides a different performance than the last. This proves that snowboarding is an art, everyone has a different sequence of tricks that create an aesthetically pleasing performance. People like to watch the better snowboarders go down the run, they always get “Oohs” and “Aaaahs” from the people about to go into the terrain park. These people are achieving the goal of every snowboarder, their run is going to be remembered by everyone watching. Anyone can just run over the obstacles that gt in your way, but a good snowboarder can fly off of the jumps and do grabs and spins that are burned into the minds of anyone watching for eternity. Someone who is a good snowboarder can glide across rails, switch their grind, and create a complicated array of movements with amazing fluency of motion and grace.

Snowboarding is about as good as a carton of energy drinks, the more tricks you land, the more of an adrenaline rush you get, and that energy is used to land more tricks until you eventually wreck. Even wrecking is fun when you are on a snowboard (as long as you are wearing your helmet) you fall into a powdery pile, you don’t even get hurt! and many people I know think that it is especially entertaining to watch people wreck. Snowboarding is always exciting and fun to do or watch.

Long before I could, I have always wanted to snowboard. I can still remember watching the X- games with my dad on Sundays. I loved watching the snowboarders do tricks on the terrain park, doing tricks that I could have never imagined. I especially liked it when I saw someone go off of a ramp and land on a rail. I always wanted to be just like them. They moved through the park differently every time. The art of snowboarding is complex and unique every time, but the one constant is that it looks amazing every time.