This I Believe

Jared - Woodland Park, Colorado
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Jared Giambalvo

English III


This I Believe

I believe that dogs help people in this world and that they have an outcome on every human. They have more of a bonding connection than any other animal on this planet. They will go places with you, help you realize things when you need someone there for you, and most of all, you hardly ever have trouble with them.

A few years ago, my sister had boy problems, after school problems, and after health problems. Once she realized that she couldn’t depend on a man at her young age, she received a dog as a present from our grandparents. This dog is a Saint Bernard and its name is Scooby. This dog has helped her realize that boys do not need her attention. She realized that her attention had to be with her family and friends, and also on Scooby. Scooby has made her happier and happier ever day that I see her. When Scooby does not feel my sisters whole attention on him, he is sad because he knows that she depends on him to be there and that she should be able to see the same for him.

This dog, Scooby has not only changed my sister, but it has affected the whole family. He is only one of three dogs, but he has helped shape us as a family and a unit. We have learned to give all the dogs all the attention they need, because Scooby tends to take up a lot of it. Scooby tries to receive all of the attention that he possibly can. As a good friend to our other dogs, we have to give them extra attention and keep them loving as well.

Scooby has affected my sister more than any other person in the family though; she has learned that her love still has to stay within the family even if there is love outside of it. He has taught her the true values of life and how she should really live life. She has learned that she can live it happily and look at everything in a positive manner rather than just looking at the negative parts. I do believe in dogs and how they are a huge part of every person’s life, no matter what the humans think about them. They will always be there for the people even if the people are not there for them.