This I Believe

Kyle - Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Gold. For some, the precious substance is just a color, while to others it is a symbol of wealth and power. Though, to me gold is different. Someone can actually be gold. To be such a fine thing and to deserve the precious handling and attention is something extraordinary, but at the same time it is not a divine accomplishment. Any mortal can be unique, and just as awesome as the yellow metallic element.

I believe that uniqueness is a tool for true happiness. Yeah, the word itself can’t literally be held, smelled, touched, or tasted, but it can be seen. You can stare through the eyes of a person, and analyze someone’s actions and beliefs, and view the very core of their soul, and hopefully, if they are as majestic as they seemed at first, deem them striking and one of a kind, and never let them leave your life. To allow someone so grand to leave your life and let them threaten their individuality, for the false reality of popularity, is wrong on all levels. Such passiveness can and will cause the ones you hold near and dear, to vanish into thin air.

In result of the decisions in my life, I accidentally let an awe-inspiring individual to dematerialize out of my life. She was dragged from her pedestal of breathtaking wonder and thrown into the raging river of copies and deceitful fish. Some of the fish I will admit, have their own unknown sense of uniqueness, and may have a tainted tint of gold to them, but most of the time, they are as dull as they think everyone else is. In the time they spend hurting others, they are turning into nothing more than a gray rock, which was the poor fate that was slammed onto her. She began to lose her wild compassion and wonder. Her kind heart turned into a black one, which was only open for the jocks that flocked around her like seagulls at the beach. Her lips used to speak in a crazy yet fun and acceptable manner, but they soon devolved and whispered words of betrayal, and the latest gossip. Her clothes, formerly an auspicious mix of what she loved, replaced by the latest magazine covers. Her eyes, beautiful green orbs of the most elegant beauty, strayed from me as if I was an embarrassment because I wasn’t accepted by her crowd. It was horrid to lose her, like losing a pulchritudinous treasure, but I still have faith.

To be unique is golden. Many people may dull over time, and some are dull, having no sense of individuality, or a true heart, but I have some hope. Hope that one day the gold will shine through all the gray, and people will realize, that if they choose to be, everyone can be, and will be unique in their own way: this I believe.