This I Believe. It’s hard to find something magical.

Kim - Telford, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

It’s hard to find something magical. Nothing is eternal, and nothing is sacred. In today’s fast paced society, what is one day a revolting travesty is the next, average news. Goth kids, horror movies, what was once jaw dropping no longer holds attention. I believe in the mundane, in tolerance, in over adjustment. I believe in that everything is going to become ordinary, sooner or later.

One can gain a tolerance to most any drug. Nothing is considered kinky anymore. Twelve year olds in mini skirts don’t raise an eyebrow; anorexia and obesity are practically expected. The revolution becomes the mainstream, the strange turns into normal. It is a matter of lost shock. The six o’ clock news barely mentions murders in favor of fashion trends. I believe that very few things that make headlines will be recalled thirty years from now. The murders, the suicides, the scandal, it’s all forgettable and therefore inconsequential. It is my belief that passion and compassion fade, and along with them a sense of humanity. It is my belief that this process is inevitable.

Pregnant teens and pill poppers are Tuesday. Abortions and rehab, Wednesday. Every extremity is becoming more and more socially acceptable. From furry handcuffs to divorce to addiction, it’s all been done before. And so on some level, it’s insignificant. Unfortunately, I believe that everything, both good and bad, will one day be regarded as mundane.