there is always some one worse off than you

Mo - Philomath, Oregon
Entered on December 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude

HAVE you ever talked to someone, and they say, “Wow my life sucks, I just want to die”. You ask them what is wrong, and they say something like, “My parents are getting a divorce.” or “They took my cell phone away”. I am almost certain you have at some point, because I know I have more then once. I do believe that while one has many problems on their shelf, there is someone else with a library full of problems.

I was talking to my ex- boyfriend just two days ago, and he was complaining about how he has to spend Christmas alone this year because his parents disowned him, because he is not a model citizen. I broke in with, “You know, Gabby has been spending the holidays alone since she was 7.” I got “ Yea, Mo I know, but it just sucks.” So I went on to explain, how no matter what happened someone was always worse off then him. But I did not always believe this saying.

When I was thirteen my life turned to a big black nothingness, I did not want to live anymore and I felt as is nothing, and no one could understand the pain I was going through.

My dad was not a nice man, at least not to me, he was always yelling and calling me some mean names and such, he even hit me a couple times. His wife was always trying to get me in trouble. The only kid of hers with her ex I got along with was nick, who is in my grade, 6months shy of me. I just didn’t think anyone cared about me … no one.

I turned 16, and met my friend, hero, and now boyfriend, Will Robinson, after id gotten to trust him, which didn’t take me very long because to me he seemed like the kind of person one can easily trust. I told him of my dad, and how I felt all alone in the stuff that had happened to me in the past, and some stuff I didn’t dare tell anyone else. Will sat there, and listened, to everything, he offered me some great advice, and helped me make it to where I could see and talk to my two little brothers out at my dads house. Then he told me about his family life, worse than mine, how his fathers abuse, and mothers drug abuse had landed him in the er so many times, and how his parents had just been locked up, being 16, he had to go live with his aunt and uncle who are never home and do not treat will with respect. To put a topper on all of this, Will is handicapped. And some how still manages to be cool with everything, he always looks on the bright side of things.

It took me forever to figure out why Will is always so up beat and happy and hardly ever angry or sad with anything or anyone. And I found out it, it was because he knew people who were worse of than he was, and then those people had people worse off than them and so on. I didn’t figure it out till I asked him. Our conversation went like this:


“Yea babe?”

“ Why and how are you always so upbeat about life? You are never down”he replied, with only two reasons.“ 1) I wasn’t really ever all that happy till I met you, you made me quite possibly the happiest person in the world, and 2) I sat down on a bench one day, after walking for hours, and I started complaining about how my feet were killing me, then I looked over at the man sitting beside me and realized he had no feet.”

Now the rest of that conversation, he asked me not to put in to my essay, but I wouldn’t any way because it doesn’t really have much to do with anything, really at all.

That conversation with Will, was what got me to actually believe this saying. Perhaps it wasn’t the conversation all but the person him self.