This I Believe

Alexis - South San Francisco, California
Entered on December 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Laughing is the best

Laughing out loud is just a contagious craze. I’ve always believed that laughing everyday makes the world a better place. Have you ever been so stressed and scared at a certain moment, and you just laugh it off the next minute? Growing up with a family that seems to find humor in almost any situation has set this belief in me. I could never feel down in my family because someone will always lift my spirit up with laughter. “Laugh. Have fun, don’t be so serious!” my mom always tells my sister and me.

One night sitting on the couch, watching TV with my family, we suddenly felt a shake. We were not sure what it exactly was, but once we watched the light fixture in the dining room swing we figured it was an earthquake. At that moment we were all scared. My sister suddenly got up from the couch and ran under the dining room table. “What is she doing?” My mom asked. My sister’s body was only half way under the table, when she yelled to my cousin “Come on Jackie!” My cousin gave her a crazy look and said “no!” Suddenly it stopped shaking and my sister was still the only one under the table. When she realized she was the only one under the table, she was a bit embarrassed. Although this could have been a very serious and dangerous situation, my family and I found humor in it, which is often the case. Once we began to laugh about it, she began to laugh too and wasn’t embarrassed about it anymore. I believe laughing makes the world a better place.

At school the pressure of school work, sports, homework, tests and socializing can very often be overwhelming for my peers and I. I have found that bringing humor to my day alleviates those pressures. What I do to make myself laugh is think about something that happened a couple days back and I just burst out laughing. Sometimes people look at me like I’m crazy, but it doesn’t phase me. I very often make jokes and make my friends laugh, which then makes others laugh. Laughing everyday makes the world a better place, because it brings humor to everyone’s life. If I laugh at least once in the morning, then my day will be so much better, than if I didn’t laugh. Laughing is contagious. Laughing is the best medicine. I believe laughing everyday, makes the world a better place.