This I Believe

Ashley - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on December 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

True Loves Affect

I believe in true love. I’m not going to right a bunch of meaningless stuff that most of the time I read when its about love. I feel that its something everyone shares in the world. Over the years I have begun to understand and believe what love is, but more importantly true love and its power. Most people, knowing that I’m only 16, always look at me like I’m crazy and say that I’m to young to have true love. It’s one of the things I hate most and it has only made my believe in true love that much stronger. True love is out there for everyone and i know it can be for any age. I have always looked at my grandparents and wanted to be just like them. Its always the small things that make it so clear. Such as I can really see how much they still share true love, I always have. Honestly I never expected myself to find true love especially at my age, but it found me.

Four months ago I met one boy that opened my eyes to experience the true love I have always believed in. His name is Alex. When I talk about the love we share with others I always get that “ ya it wont last, there are other people out there” look or the “ your feelings might change” look. In my heart I know my true feelings, my true strong feelings, and they wont ever change. I always remember the things he tells me, but one stands out more than anything. There is just so much safety I feel when I hear him say your my everything. A huge part of why I can continue to believe in true love is because of the small things or sings that are thrown out. For instance just a simple I love you that comes from his heart, and I can tell he means it. Another is when he and his mom where on a little trip for her work and Alex could have slept in all day but instead he woke up early just to talk to me and help me though my day. Alex and I went to the same elementary school and never knew each other till we met, and now we remember faint memories. Little sings always make me have faith and I have all the faith in the world for our love, but more importantly our true love. It’s those feelings you get when you know something or someone is wrong or could not be the more perfect and I know, Alex could not be more perfect. I wake up every morning and see his handsome face on my cell phone screen and I know it will be a great day! As we talk every night I sit there and listen to his words and begin to cry because of their sweetness and I know they come from his heart that only true love could really bring out. He calls me his angel and its the best feeling in the world. It makes my day worth all the while. He is my smile from the sun rising to my smile when the sun sets. True love has made me want to live life to the fullest. I give each day all I can for him. His love and my love make the true love I believe so strongly for. When I look at the word love I see a four letter word, and yet, it has had the biggest impact on my life. Looking at love written on paper I see a word that looks like the all rest, but by looking behind the letters I can see so much power and beauty that sets it apart from the rest. Love it self is a powerful word, by adding true in front of it it creates a master piece that because of Alex I get to experience each and everyday. Thinking about it now, as one of those little sings, Alex and love are both four letters. I strongly believe in true love.