This I Believe

daniel - south san franisco, California
Entered on December 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports, work


Daniel Arretche


When was the last time you wanted success? I believe that if I want success in life I have to make it happen for myself. I know that nothing in life is free and I will always have to work for what I want. I do understand that if I want a successful life I do know that I will have to fight through the hard times.

My dad has always told me this advice and he has shown me that I if I want something bad enough I will get it. My dad was always interested in wine he loves the smell and taste of it and one of my dads first’s jobs was delivering wine to certain business and after he was done with that job there was an opening for a wine steward job at a grocery store and there were three people going out for the job and he had to learn so much more about wine and as the time came closer to his interview he knew everything he had to know from this point. The grocery store called back about three days later telling him that he got the job and now my dad is in charge of all the wine, beer, and whiskey that gets delivered to his store and what he wants to sell to the customers.

I have always played soccer and recently I tried out for this team that was a different league then me. The boys were older bigger and stronger then me. To make it on this team I would have to go through this thing called “Hell Week” where I would try out for soccer from 11am to 2pm for five days. I realized to myself that if I wanted to make the team that I would have to put my best into it and I would make the team so for trying out all five days there was the last day of tryouts the last thing we had to do was a speed challenge and I thought to myself that I was in luck because I’m pretty fast kid. After it was done the coach told me that I got second in it and the coach saw that I could compete with older boys so after that day I got a call saying that I had made the team and that the coach was really impressed with me and I believe that it was because I wanted it bad enough I got it.