This I Believe

Jordan - South San Francisco, California
Entered on December 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports, work

Jordan Gongora



This I Believe

I’ve learned that if you don’t put your heart into something you love, you wont get as far as you want to go. This is how I feel about the one game I love Football. Have you ever thought you were the big shot at times but then it all the live for the game goes away?

It all started when I was freshmen at El Camino High School playing the sport I love football. I loved it so much that I that I began to run and also lift weights for the summer when you’re a Freshmen didn’t wouldn’t let you play a lot because you’re a freshmen, but I understated because the sophomores knew what they were doing. Later That Following year I became a sophomore “WOW” I really thought to myself I am a sophomore now I thought I was the big shot. Because I knew what I was doing and I knew the plays. I was a big time player for the team, I never got off the field, and I was always in the game. It was going great for me but, for me thinking I was the big shot I stopped going to summer workouts for my junior year and weight lifting, I hardly put my heart in to it. I knew that Varsity was going to be bigger, stronger, and faster, but I didn’t really care about I t that much. One day I was talking to my coach and he said where have you been? I said that I was around then he told me that I need to be working out and start coming to weight training because Varsity is different than J.V., and I wouldn’t get a lot of playing time because I wouldn’t be ready for it. I was so mad at myself I was thinking through my head is this really happening to me? The one sport I love is going away from me.

Since that day he told me that I started to work my ass off doing all this working out and ran only 2 miles every two weeks. I believed in myself and I got through it. It was so hard for me because I was out of shape. Now that I am in my junior year playing football it really paid off for me working out and going to those summer workouts because I see kids that are seniors and they are having a tough time. Then I said to myself practice makes perfect. I was the backup wide receiver as a junior that is a good thing because next year I will be the prime time player, I thought I wasn’t going to play the game I one most love football but never doubt yourself just keep working hard at what you do and play the game. This Is My Belief.