I believe that nature is my best friend.

Brandon - Daly City, California
Entered on December 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

Brandon Wong

I believe that nature is my best friend.

Loving the great outdoors, I am fascinated in the things in live like the different species and elements which create our planet earth. I love taking that fresh deep breathe once you walk out of your house and feel as if you could breathe 100 times better. Many people like the indoors better than the outdoors, but as for me, I love being outside.

Growing up as a kid, my dad has always taken me everywhere trying to show me the fascinating things about life. I started snowboarding and skiing since I was 6 and loved every second of it since then. I love the feeling of going down hill at killer speed feeling as if I were a bird just soaring through the sky. As I fly down the hill, I can feel the wind getting colder and colder almost reaching down my spine while my body prepares to give that shaking reaction. I’ve fallen hard many times but always had the courage to get right back up as the words of wisdom from Seth Wescott ran through my mind a million times. With the great sightings around me when I am up those high mountains, I can thank my dad for showing this to me and the things that nature creates for me to love.

Another thing which gives me great interest would be going camping in the summer which also means hiking up those steep long mountains being able to think of the world. When I go on my journey to hike, I always have a moment to take in all the great surroundings that lets be able to do these things. I like seeing the different animals that you can encounter as you walk or jog up the mountain where you can accidentally step into a giant muddy pothole.

Thrusting my hands up, I try to grab as much things as I can pull my self closer to the top of the steep mountain where if you looked down, you would have seen the end of everything which can be a disaster in rock climbing. I rarely go rock climbing now that my dad is getting old, but once I get older and my parents can trust me more, I would definitely go again. Having to use all your body strength just to pull yourself inch by inch gives me a great workout which I very much prefer. It has an intense feeling to it once you start climbing and getting higher and higher not wanting to look down. But when you’re at the top, you feel invincible and unbeatable like no one can compare.

Being able to experience these wonderful activities have made me less afraid and more of a thrill seeker. I always get that curious feeling of wanting more excitement and intense situations. With these feelings always distracting me, I have found the love of nature which can most definitely be my best friend who I grew up with.