This I Believe

cindy - south san fransisco, California
Entered on December 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love will conquer it all

Gustavo and I met almost two and a half years ago. We started off as friends.

We would tell each other everything. He would tell me that some guy tried to fight him.

I would tell him, “You know, you should stop fighting or one day your going to end up in trouble or

Hurt. “He would also tell me that I was the only one who actually showed I care about him. I think that’s why his

feelings changed for me. I never thought me and him would end up boyfriend and girlfriend, I saw him as just

a really good friend. When I started to think he liked me I would try to avoid him by not texting him back or

answering his phone calls. He would always try to hang out with me but I never wanted to. Until, one sunny

day, he texted me and asked me to go to pier 39 with him, I didn’t want to say not so I said, “Sure come to

my house right now and we’ll take the bys there.”

Then he says wait wear a white shirt and black pants and I said “why?” Then he said,” so we can match.”

And our story begins.

Gustavo’s brother dropped him off at my house in his 1971 impala. Once he got here I gave him a hug

and we walked across the street to the bus stop. The bus didn’t come for another 10-15mins. So we were

just standing there. It was hard for me to start a conversation, I don’t know why. We took the 390 bys to take

us to top of the hill Daly City. On our bus ride to Daly City it was awkward because we would just stare at each

other and smile. From that moment on I fell in love with his eyes. People smiled at us as if we were a could.

Gustavo would say look at that old couple, that’s us when we’re older. When we got on muni, we started

Acting like a coupie, well sort of. He just held my hand. When I was with him I felt so safe, like nothing

could happen to me. I started to realize that I didn’t just see him as a friend, I was actually starting to

like him. He was so sweet and nice to me, he made me feel like I was actually somebody.

That night we went to Ripley’s Believe it or not muesuem, while we were walking through there he

Hugged me and said “Cindy can I kiss you?” I didn’t know what to say so I just leaned over and kissed

Him. After we went to the muesuem we walked on the beach. I told him I wanted to get married on

A beach. He said ok we will I Promise! As we walked back to the bus stop , we stared at the stars. He said”

I always wanted to do something romantic like this with somebody” and I said me too. At that point I

wanted to tell him how I felt for him but I was to afraid he didn’t feel the same way. So I kept it to myself.

Oh our way back home we talked for a little bit. He could tell that I was tired so he told me to lean on him,

I almost fell asleep on his shoulder. Before he left home he gave me a hug and said he’ll call me later. For 3

Days straight we talked and spent a lot of time together. Oh April 16th 2006 he asked me out. He was officially

my boyfriend.

7 months into our relationship we had our first big argument. I was surprised, for that 7 months we got along

so good but all of a sudden it turned around. We started to accuse each other of cheating. We spent less and less

time together. We barley talked on the phone, it went bad all around 2 months later I hear a rumor about him. I

confronted him, things didn’t get better so I had to let him go January 18th 2007 our love story ends.

When we broke up I thought I could get over him. For the first couple of days I was ok, but as days went by I

missed him more.

Every little thing would remind we of him. When I went by places he and I used to go to I wanted to cry, but I

held it in I didn’t want to show my friends I still had feelings for him.

My best friend Hannah only knew, she was the only one who understood how I felt. To get Gustavo off my mind

I would go boxing in the city, but then I stopped going because it was too far. So then again he would pop into my

mind. I would go places where I think he would be to “accidently” run into him, but I never saw him until 5 months


I was on my way to meet up with Hannah after a job interview. When all of a sudden she calls me and tells me

she saw Gustavo. She told me that all he was talking about was me and how much he missed me. I thought

she was lying, it sounded to good to be true, but she wasn’t lying. So I go meet up with Hannah we see Alonso,

Gustavo’s friend, we ask him where Gustavo is. Alonso call Gustavo and tell him he’s with me and Hannah.

Gustavo comes down and meets up with us. When I saw him coming towards us I got scared my heart started

beating fast. Hannah and Gustavo said “Hi” to each other. All I could do was smile. I had no idea what to say.

Then he pops out with “MAN, why’d you leave me?” and I said “I’m sorry but all me would do is argue it wasn’t

working out and he said “young it was ! I loved you!”

Then Hannah says why don’t you guys back together you love her and she loves you. Me and him looked

at each. It looked like he didn’t want to get back with me but then he says ok but let’s talk as friends for a couple

day to make sure this will work.3 days later he asked me out Cindy & Gustavo reunited July 28th 2007.

I believe if our love is strong and we’ve went to be our love will conquer it all. I know we could make

it through anything, we’ve still together, young and in love.

by: Cindy Rea