This I Believe

Martin - La Crosse, Wisconsin
Entered on December 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: gratitude, sports

Let’s face it, in America we idolize our athletes. We pay them exorbitant salaries and elevate them to hero-like status. For our youngsters, the attention we lavish on these individuals leads America’s young people to believe that becoming a professional athlete is the surest way to live the American dream. I agreed with that until I was a junior in high school. Then I started applying for colleges and started to realize that being a pro athlete wasn’t offered as a major or a minor. To become a professional athlete I would have to attend a division one school and put on another 100 pounds. Well, that dream diminished when I realized I’d rather learn about the environment and Earth’s diminishing plant and animal life. The reason I’m okay with my non pro athletic appraoch to life is because you taught me to follow heart. You helped me realize that anything I put my mind to I can accomplish. I believe that the simple fundamentals that were taught to me everyday after school apply to my life now. I believe you taught me teamwork, maximum effort, drive, responsibility, how to lose, but most of all how to win on and off the field. As long as you try and put forth your best, accomplishment isn’t far behind. If it wasn’t for you, I believe I would have been just another up to no good jock rolling through high school having a good time thinking only about the party after the Friday night game and all the girls that were going to be there . Instead you taught me to focus. I believe you helped me get pass the drinking, smoking, and all the bad scenarios that were thrown at me in my adolescent years. You helped me become the successful college student and man I am today. I believe you were a second father to me! I believe if it weren’t for guys like my coach, a lot of males would fall into the game I nearly did, and that game is failure. I believe I’ve owed this to you for a long time now, thanks coach!