God Can Do Anything

Noel - Maryland Heights, Missouri
Entered on December 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“Ask and you shall receive” (Matthew 7:7). God tells us through the Bible that if we ask for something we will receive it. Therefore God can do anything. He can create life, destroy life, and define the laws of nature.

I believe that God can do anything because of what I was taught. I was taught to read and believe in the Bible. In the Bible there are many stories that show that God can do anything. That’s what the whole Bible is. God made a blind man see, he gave Mary Jesus, and he turned five loaves of bread and two fish into enough to feed thousands of people. Just those three stories show that he truly can do anything.

I witnessed that God can do anything when I got to watch my niece come into this world. It is amazing how such a little egg can grow up to be a beautiful little girl. This child who can walk and talk and may change the world one day came from nothing to something. It is just amazing how a human being can come from another human being.