This I Believe

Tracy - woodstock, Georgia
Entered on December 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

Marietta, GA Untied States of America

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” is a very good quote.

As a child, probably ever since my brother entered my life, I wasn’t always known as the nicest kid. For some reason, I became a very mean, especially bossy, and maybe even an evil child growing up. By the time I was six, I had already established myself as dictator of all the kids in my family. I was not only cruel at home to my siblings and cousins, but sometimes at school to my friends. I would call them stupid, and other various insults that came to my little mind. I wasn’t afraid to express my feelings, even though it was cruel.

At home, my siblings, and cousins started noticing my bossy ways and started despising me. As I got older I became more conscious and aware of what I was doing, but it was too late. They hated playing, and being around me, because I start controlling everything.

At school, I had friends because I was loud and talkative, and I wasn’t always mean and annoying but when I did show it, which was often, my friendship would start to dwindle. When I was in second grade, I became really good friends with this one girl who was so quiet and didn’t talk as much, but we had a lot in common. Even though I was mean, she still wanted to be my friend. Then one day, I told her I didn’t want to be her friend, and she took it quite hard. I have no idea why, but I believed in this philosophy of having no friends. I was just a weird little kid.

Once I entered middle school, I became my polar opposite. I use to be loud, but all of a sudden I became this quiet person. Never able to express my feelings the way I did before. I was quiet, just like my old friend. When I changed it wasn’t intentional either. I knew I was mean, but I didn’t try to change, it just happened all of a sudden, and I started respecting people and their feelings. That’s when I started making all the bests friends I have now. I became more considerate, but I was still loud and talkative once my friends got to know me. Those years with my friends were the best, and it made me realize how foolish I was when I was younger.

At home, I’m still a mean and bossy sister, but without the mischievous, evil wickedness I once had. I’m a lot more fair and caring towards them. I still tease them, but they know I’m joking now. I just became a whole different person. I guess you could call it a change of heart. I realize life’s better when I do respect people, although I have to admit it’s not as fun sometimes, but it’s the right thing to do.