This I Believe

Emerald - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe my family is what keeps me strong. They are always there for me through all situations possible. I can tell them anything and everything. For instance when I am having troubles at school I know I can come to them. When one of my friends and I are in an argument, I can talk to them. Friends may come and go but family is by your side throughout your whole life. When my life feels life everything is falling apart, I can talk to at least someone in my family. All the moments I spend with my family, I cherish because they make it so easy to overcome and understand everything that has happened. They can relate to what I am going through.

For instance, my grandma has recently survived from breast caner many times. Even when the going is tough, everyone goes out of their way to go see her and see how she is doing. When my brother was one year old, my grandpa past away from a heart attack. My dad cannot go a day without calling my grandma. He is afraid of losing her. I know that if anyone in my family, including myself, is sick or just having hard times, there is always someone to come and talk to you, comfort you, and even take care of you. My family will always stick together through everything. My siblings and I may fight sometimes, but we always look back at those days and laugh, wondering what that was the point of fighting. Each and every day, we grow stronger and more caring toward each other. When some one needs a shoulder to cry on, there is always someone there when needed. For instance, my sister has recently had a baby at age 18. I know that sometimes it is hard for her, because she has to wait another year until she goes to college. She did graduate with a High School Diploma and she is proud of that. She knows that she can always come tell me what’s on her mind. No one in my family is ever left out. Have you ever heard blood is thicker than water? My family lives by this motto. I’m sure that there isn’t a family as close as we can ever be.