This I Believe

Kortney - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction

I believe that smoking should be against the law. Thousands of peoples die from second hand smoke or smoking themselves. More and more people are starting to smoke every day. Tons of kids start when they are around 12 years old, and can never stop. Smoking kills tons of people before they reach the age of 60 years old.

When I was younger, I remember visiting my great grandpa’s house. Sadly my strongest memory is of him stinking like cigarettes. My great grandpa would sit in this tiny room with his dogs smoking cigarette after cigarette. This tiny room was the only place my great grandma would let him smoke. My great grandma and grandpa did not have a close relation because he would not leave his room and was too addicted to cigarettes.

When you open the door to the tiny room all that you could see was smoke. My mom would not allow my sister and me or my sister stay in the tiny room because of the effect of the smoke. Honestly, I never wanted to go back in the tiny room because of the smoke. Unfortunately, my great grandpa died a few years ago from lung cancer caused from smoking. I am sad that my great grandpa chose his cigarettes over his family. My grandma hated him smoking and always tried to stop him, he never did. My grandma still lives to this day and is heath from not smoking.

My sister has a heart defect. It is especially harmful for her to be around smoke. Even though this is true my dad’s girlfriend still smokes around my sister and I. Many of my close friends and family smoke and it is a very good chance of her getting sicker than she is. My grandma smoked for years before she stopped for my sister. She now feels a lot better and does not always cough and is sick so much.

I will never smoke because of what smoking has done to my family. I believe cigarettes should have never been invented. Scenes cigarette have been invented I believe that they all should be destroyed. I believe smoking should be against the law.