Thomas - Superior, Colorado
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in laughter. I believe in laughing loudly and softly, inwardly and outwardly, at myself and with others. I believe in laughing at my own jokes, at life; at the impossible or the absurd. I think it is important to laugh at my own jokes if they are funny, and laugh even more when they aren’t.

Laughter to persevere, forget, and to keep stress at bay. When I’ve had a particularly unpleasant day and someone asks me how my day was, it’s just about the last thing I want to be asked. When this happens, I figure I have two choices, blow up at this innocent person who is just trying to be nice, or laugh, shrug, and say “Well, I’ve had better.”

I believe in laughter to heal and to preserve. When a loved one dies I prefer to remember the great times I had with them not the fact that they’re dead. If you’re feeling down and you just laugh for no reason, you forget all about whatever it was that you were upset about. I have done this many times and when you take a second right after you try this to look back at your recent overview of life, you laugh even more at how stupid you were. Many times I have seen a friend crying or just under the weather. Maybe they got a bad grade on an assignment, or a relative of their own has recently passed. Whatever the reason, I always find that they will have a better day if you can get them to laugh or at the very least smile.

Laughter is emotional duct tape -it fixes everything. Handier than any tool in the mechanic’s toolbox and more comforting than all of an author’s favorite stationery. More malleable than an artist’s modeling clay or a child’s treasured Play dough™. Use it as a universal tool; mold it to the situation at hand.

If life were cinnamon, laughter would be sugar.