This I Believe

David - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: peace

War and Peace

By David S

After every war, there is a time of rebuilding and peace, where the bloodshed ceases and people realize with horror what they have done. But after this shock of realization passes, people forget about it and become numb to it, so they end up repeating their same mistakes of old. I believe that war generates peace, and vice versa. One cannot exist without the other. Every period of peace is followed closely by a period of extreme war.

We cannot have a utopian society because most humans are naturally greedy. We cannot stand to see one of our neighbors better off then we are, so we attack and steal to acquire what they possess. Wars start because one country will covet another’s happiness and prosperity and will try to take it. The Middle Eastern countries that despise Americans do so because of our wealth and our happiness. Because of all of the terrorism and civil unrest in the Middle East, these people feel that the privileges that Americans have are unfair. The leaders of those countries such as Venezuela squander all of their countries wealth on lavish things for themselves, not for the good of their people. These leaders then send out propaganda that lists all of the horrible reasons why Americans and Democracy are responsible for the suffering of the people. This drives the people into a frenzy of hatred to all those who have leaders who are benevolent to the people. As a result, war breaks out between those who have the happiness and those who covet the others happiness.

Eventually, the war will be won by one side and the other will retreat to lick its wounds, but it is still angry that it lost. A period of peace will follow the war. This peace is when the people of the winning side look in horror at what has been done during the war, and the losing side rebuilds itself so that it may go to war again. The peace may then end, as all good things do, and the war will resume in some form or another. Be it guerrilla tactics or full-scale war, the war will eventually resume. It is an endless, vicious cycle that is only broken when one side is brutally crushed with no survivors or if the people forget why they were fighting in the first place.

Peace is a state of mind and physical being that all humans strive to acquire. The sad thing is that once we obtain that peace, we strive for more of this. We never feel complete because we always feel like there is more out there than what we have. If a person had all of the money in the world to buy food and shelter for their whole lifespan, but they did not have any money to buy a television, the person will steal to get that television. Even though the person had all of the requirements to live healthy and happy, they had to have that television.

War cannot exist without peace. If there is no peace, then there is nothing to fight for. Nobody fights solely for the sake of the fight; they fight for hopes that their lives will become better after the fighting is done. Peace cannot exist without war. If war does not exist, then there is no way possible for peace to be obtained. There will always be that human need to fight and let your opinions be known in everything you do. Regardless of other people’s beliefs, your opinion will some how show in your actions.

Peace and war complement each other. Both need the other to exist. Without the turmoil and strife of war, then there is nothing that peace would be needed for. If the restfulness and prosperity of peace was missing, then there would be no reason for the war to stop, and eventually the human race would terminate itself. War and peace go hand in hand with each other. They each create the other.