This I Believe

Alissa - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in being unique…

So many times, I have stumbled upon girls who constantly care about how they are perceived. They change every aspect of what they are because it is what they want, or their boyfriends’ want, or their friends’ want. Why does being unique seem like such a bad thing these days and why does it dwell on what other people want you to be? From when I was little to now, I can say there was a time when I cared. It may have just been a stage like some say, but I think it was much more than that. Desperately, I cared about my hair. I cared about my clothes. I even cared about who I was seen with! Looking back, it was all nothing but a fake front I put up. I was like The Mask; constantly putting on that ugly green face being something I was not. The start of my new, replenished life began precisely on tacky day in 8th grade. I remember dressing up very obnoxious. When my friend saw me she stood in shock and simply replied, “WOW! You really don’t care what people think about you!” This was when it hit me. Why do I care so much? I have great friends who won’t judge me and I don’t care if everyone else does either! There is so much more to life than to worry about what people think of you. Although it may be hard to believe, not everyone cares about what you do, or what you wear or what kind of music you listen to. Since then, I have worn what I wanted, when I wanted. I talked to who I wanted to talk to and I believed in what I wanted to believe without hesitation. I believe we are all unique but have not had an experience yet where our personal uniqueness has hit us on the head. Dig deep within you to find it or else that moment of uniqueness will come far too late. Walk down the halls of your school with confidence and pride but most of all, don’t care that others might be whispering about you. Murphy once said, “Do not worry what people think of you, they are too busy worrying what you think of them.” This is entirely true in every way. As human beings, we constantly worry what everyone has to say about us. Be yourself and be unique; it might be a challenge, but after you realize that you are an individual, new opportunities arise.

Being a hypocrite on this subject is easy to do. We’ve all had those moments where we care. In waking up each morning, are you the person who is wondering if your hair is going to look super gorgeous for that hottie in your first period class? Are you wondering if that new outfit you bought really does resemble Paris Hilton’s? Even today, I find myself staring in the mirror and caring that my face is breaking out. Caring that my hair is frizzy or caring that my outfit is a real stinker today. We can’t let others opinions of us get in the way of our own happiness. Once someone points out our own imperfections we tend to dwell on their opinion. How many times have you seen that girl in the halls with the red and black hair and thought to yourself or even worse out loud that she is an ugly gothic girl? Truth is, she has something you don’t. She has uniqueness and has found it in her hair or clothing. She stands out and doesn’t care. I believe in being yourself and not what others want you to be. If we could only make younger girls understand this, as you know, their lives would be increasingly less stressful then they are today. Uniqueness is the unfolding of a butterfly as caring is merely the caterpillar. Forget the latest fashions and the coolest hair styles; forget all your friends cutting their hair a certain way; forget buying the most pairs of shoes. Be who God thought you would be, not who your friends want you to be. I believe in being a unique human being. I believe in not caring what others think about me. I believe in removing that ugly green mask and placing it somewhere where it will never be found again.