This I Believe

Hayden - cheboygan, Michigan
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in family. Family has helped me a lot throughout life. I have learned that family is very important in life.

Family has provided a foundation for me. My parents taught me how to be responsible and to have good morals. My mother provided care to me; for example, when I was sick she would nurture me back to health. When I had to do homework my parents would always help me understand what I didn’t know. My father would help me build model cars and airplanes. My mother and father are very important to me and have influenced me in becoming a hardworking gentleman I am today. I will love my parents forever.

Family has provided support for me. My sister has helped me during hard times. Our relationship is a love hate relationship. When I need advice my sister is always there for me with no doubt. She is the type of person to help someone even if it is not needed. When I was younger, if I didn’t know how to do something, she would teach me how. My sister has helped me multiple times, and asks for nothing in return. I will love my sister forever.

Family has provided stability for me. My grandparents helped me experience love and care. When I was a child they would help me remember my younger years by taking pictures. They were always there for me when I asked them to be there. My grandpa taught me how to fish, and to be patient. My grandma would knit me a sweater with love in every stitch. My grandparents are very important to me and I will love them forever.

Family has provided me strength. I am prepared for whatever life throws at me. When I want something really bad I have learned to be patient. When I want to make something I need to pay attention to the details and put my best effort into it. When I am in a tight situation I can decide what will be the best decision. I believe that my family has helped me throughout my life and in times to come, and I thank them every day for their love and care. I believe that family is important to everyone no matter how big or small, and love those that are important.