This I Believe

Zack - Heber CIty, Utah
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I Believe in Hockey

I Believe that hockey is an adrenalin filled game. In order to win Hockey you have to have a team.

Whith out a team u have no chance of winning. Hockey isn’t all about winning either the main thing

about hockey is that u have fun and that for me is slamming someone into the wall. i think that every

able body that likes hockey should play hockey and it doesn’t matter how old you are either. I believe

that hockey is a brutal sport so WHERE THE PROTECTION or you will get hurt. I know from

experience. My cough said “if u don’t have a team u don’t have a chance of winning but u have a really good chance of loosing so let’s get it together.” I was really good at hockey and still am but that was from lots and lots of practice. If u don’t practice u will never get any better. my favorite hockey player is Wayne Gretzky # 99. Wayne was the best Hockey player ever he had to score at least 3-2 goals at every game he was amazing. He is my idol and so is Bill Cosby. for protection you should where a helmet,hockey pants,elbow pads,knee pads, gloves,skates,cup,jock,and suspenders. You may ask why do I need all of this stuff? well the answer is it’s to protect you from the other people that are trying to hurt you no matter what age you are. That is my report hope u enjoyed it I did well bye.

The End.

By: Zack Coker