Responsibility is the Key to Success

Tiffany - Sabula, Iowa
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Crash! I have been hit with a bus on my vacation away from my family. Our car wouldn’t move or even start up. I was so devastated; I didn’t know what to do. I had to get a ride back to Dodgeville with the sheriff. I called my parents that night and told them what happened. I had to have my parents pick me up that night; dad wasn’t so happy. I believe that throughout life, everybody will always have responsibility growing in him or her.

The next day in school, I decided I had to get a job to pay for that ticket. I went over to Savanna to get applications and started filling some out. I didn’t hear from anybody, so I then applied online for Wal-mart. They called back when I was at a family party. I was ecstatic to receive that phone call. I had to have two interviews and a drug test done. I had orientation on a Saturday. By working at Wal-mart I paid my ticket, and I was good to go. I have been working for Wal-mart for a year now. So if I want something I have to pay for it.

My parents bought me a car last February and since they bought it, I have to pay for everything that goes wrong with it. I already had to pay for a new starter, a new battery, and the transmission. I am now working on paying off the transmission. That was only the start of the responsibility.

I have a responsibility to help my mom with bills also. I believe that many people should appreciate moms more because they have a lot of responsibility and will teach you what you have to know for when you are older. They have to work a job, maybe two, and pay bills. They have to pay for a babysitter when they aren’t able to watch their own kids. I will probably have kids when I am older but they aren’t coming for a long time. If my sister doesn’t get her way then she cries about it; it is ridiculous. As a mom, the responsibility of cleaning the house comes with trying to catch some sleep here and there. I believe that when you become parents is when a lot of responsibility comes.

Responsibility isn’t a bad thing. Responsibility is a good thing. For example, getting a job in high school will help make some people realize whether or not they can handle a job through college. Even though it is hard I believe it is possible because I have a job and am going to school. I believe that if anybody wants something bad enough that they can achieve it as long as they try. I believe responsibility comes with growing up. Everybody will have responsibility throughout life.