This I Believe

Leann - Bryant, Iowa
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

Want Respect: First Show It

Everyone wants respect. Some people demand respect, while some people expect respect even if they do not give respect. But I think that it has to be a mutual thing between everyone. I believe in respect.

There are various ways to show respect. But disrespect I believe is wrong. I show respect where respect is mutual. If after I show respect and I do not get respect back, I then lose respect for that person, but I still show some respect. The word mutual means that two or more people agree on the same thing as in respecting one another. There are many places where respect is expected.

The places where respect is expected is like schools, churches, military, and work. I am a senior in high school, and I am also guilty in disrespecting at times. As time went on and I grew up more and matured more, I realized that no matter what always show respect first. If respect is not shown back, than be the bigger person and still show some respect. When I see other students showing a teacher or faculty disrespect, I get mad, and I let them know that respect is expected out of them. Our school is big on chorus, and we go to a festival in Bellevue at the end of December every year. We are about the best in our conference and when we travel to another school with other schools, we are expected to show respect and be polite to the other schools and adults. On top of us sounding good, it makes our school look good. In church there is no problem with people disrespecting. In the military it is expected without hesitation. And work places or places like the mall where people are in close quarters, respect is demanded and needed.

Young people my age hear all the time “ you must respect your elders.” But most young people ignore that and disrespect them more. The more that I am around my elders I understand why they deserve respect. I do not think people should demand respect but to want respect and work for it just as our elders did. Young people nowadays think that even if they do not give respect that everyone should just give them respect.

Like I said it is a mutual thing. Respect yourself, others, and elders first and respect will be shown back, but if not just keep on shown the respect so you can earn their respect. Anyone else believe in respect as much as I do? I believe in respect!