This I Believe

dagoberto - kamas, Utah
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

even though there is risk of getting caught an getting in a accident. i thank it worth the risk. because its like a culture for every street racer. building and tuning your car to get it as fast as you wanted ,or making it look as good as you want it to look . so that at the end you can show your ride off.

when people thank of street cars they thank of the ones they see on movies, and there kind of the same thing . the ones on movies are good looking and are fast, but when you want a fast car you cant make it look good because it’ll wight your car down bring its performance down as well.

now its become harder for us to race or do any thing like that. before if a cop saw you racing down the street with another car. you would get pulled over and get a speeding ticket with wasn’t that bad $200 at most. now if a cop see you racing you don’t only get a ticket but you car gets towed and you go to curt. i know because that happen to my friend he told me that the ticket was the same but he had to wait 30 days to get his car out and that was like $500.

we know that as the years go by it will probable get worse and more problem will come with it we’ll keep doing it. we know that there’s places were we can race with out problems, but its not the same thing. i guess thats another reason why racing on the streets is for us because we know its agents the law.