Angela - Midway, Utah
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

“You’re too young.” This was said to me and my friend by Danilo Do Rosario. I’ve been told it a lot mostly when i say i want to become a professional snowboarder. a lot of people think that just because I’m only 14 that i can’t become pro. everyone says, “follow your dreams”, and this is mine.

I believe that no matter how old you are, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. snowboarding is my favorite thing in the world, and when people tell me that I’m too young or that i can’t do it, it just makes me want to do it even more, just so i can prove that i cant do it even more, just so i can prove that i can do more that they expect.

i believe that i can do this because i look up to my heroes that have done it. some of these heroes include Shaun White and the Burton smalls team. not many people have heard of the smalls, but they’re amazing snowboarders. the oldest one of the team is only six months older than me, and the youngest is ten years old. i look up to them because they are so young and have achieved so much

the moment i realized i wanted to do nothing but snowboard. i was siting on the side of the snow dancer run at he Canyons Resort. the snow was falling and the wend was blowing. my face was sting with the cold. i could here the sound of other peoples boards and skis on the snow, the whistle of the wend in my helmet, and the ocoationl yelp of people hitting a jump they didn’t see. the smell of pine trees lingered around me. i looked out at the trees and mountain and i realized that that all i wanted to do was snowboard. all week i go to school, do homework, deal with my grades, all just so i can snowboard all weekend.

one person who keeps me going is my best friend Shelby. shes my snowboarding buddy last year i taught her how to board and ever since shes been obsessed. we wait all week to go boarding. usually we want to go so bad that when we are boarding we don’t even have lunch. we just eat a snack and finish out the day. we taught our friend Sara how to snowboard a little last year so we usually use the time waiting for her to learn how to do more stuff. Shelby works on turning and i practice switch, witch is going left foot foreword and right foot foreword.

my dream is so to compete in the X Games and the Olympics. i know it will take a lot of practice to get there, but i don’t care i will do it anyway. this is my dream and no matter what people say i will not give up on trying. i beleave that you can do anything that you set your mind to.