This I Believe

stacey - Kamas, Utah
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Stacey A

“This I Believe” Essay

December 14, 2007

Have you ever wondered why some people are so concerned about what side are you on? Well, I have. I mean it’s a good thing that you’re glad from where you’re from, I guess. But, some people just take it to the extreme when it comes to the color and what side you’re “representing.” For example, if you like a certain color, or wear a color constantly, then people jump to conclusions and say you belong to a certain side when you just really could care less about that situation. All that side, gang, and color stuff just makes me mad and causes a whole bunch of drama, especially for the guys. That’s why I believe that no one should get involved in that kind of stuff.

People have come up to me before and have asked me “What color do you like?,” or “What side are you on?” And every time I get asked those types of question I just answer them truthfully. I say I like the color blue, but in not into the whole south side, north side, east side, west side thing. And, when I don’t mention I’m not into that kind of things they ask or tell me that I’m a south sider just simply because like the color blue. When they ask what side am I on and I feel like being funny I tell them I’m in the middle, but when I don’t feel like being funny I tell them I’m not on a side because all that stuff is stupid. I seriously think that all that kind of stuff is all dumb, stupid, ugly and again drama causing.

I have heard of people just getting shot because they have represented, stood up for a side so much or just has had problems with other people from another gang. When that happens a gang leader or the whole gang just basically locate the person without even knowing the slightest thing about them and just shoot or kill them. I think it’s really sad, how some people’s lives come to an end at such a young age. I mean they could have lived a great or perfect life if they would have thought about it twice or just would have stayed out of all that drama. Some people don’t really think about their family and friends when they first join a gang. Once they have thought it twice or realize what is at stake, they want no part of it, but by then it’s already too late.

I feel so sad and bad for their families and friends when I hear stories like those. I have a friend whose brother died this summer because of some gang members in Mexico. I remember that day well, cause that day I had gone to lagoon, with my sister you could say,. when i was walking home I remember seeing her parents, her older sister, her and her younger brother all crying outside with friends trying to console them, while I was wondering what was going on. then the day after I heard the bad news and that, that same night they had gone to Mexico give him a proper funeral. I bet that while is was enjoying all the fun rides at lagoon, they were crying tears of blood because they had just lost a loved one.

I feel so lucky that I haven’t lost any one in my family to that kind of violence. In my family there have been other types of problems but just none like that. If I ever lost anyone I have no idea what I would do, all I know I would cry and I would like someone to be there for me. Every time I hear a story related to gangs it makes me feel sad and lucky. That’s why I believe that no one should get into gangs. So next time you have a friend that is about to get themselves into a position like that remind them what is at stake if they do join a gang but you also remember that its their life and they live it how they want to. All you are doing is telling them what you would lose if they were to die and how life would be without them.