This I Believe

Wyatt - Heber, Utah
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
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Wyatt Mecham

“This I Believe” Essay

December 14, 2007

Setting Good Goals

Some people have luck and others may be good at something. One thing I have found that helps me is setting good goals. When I set goals I try my hardest to accomplish them. When I set goals I set them where I have to work to accomplish them but they are still reachable.

I have set a lot of goals in my life. I have met some of my goals but others I am still reaching for. As I meet my goals I set new ones, so I never run out of goals to reach for. The goals that I set are usually something to do with school or the sports that I play. My goals are usually to hand my homework in on time or win the game I am participating in.

I like to rodeo and I set a lot of goals for it. Sometimes my goal is to win a belt buckle, or to take first place. I made a goal to make it to the National Finals Miniature Bull riding in Helena, Montana. I tried my hardest to meet my goal and finally made it. After I made it I set another goal to win the National finals and get the saddle. Once again I tried my hardest and all of the hard work paid off and I won the saddle that I wanted to win.

I believe that setting goals helps you accomplish tasks that you would never think you could do. I think others if they haven’t already should try setting their own goals. I bet if you asked anyone that has accomplished something great they would say that they set goals to do what they did.

I believe setting goals is good for you. If you set goals I believe it will help you with whatever you want to do. I think everyone should try setting goals that are reachable but challenging. I believe that you can do anything if you try hard enough to reach the goals that you have set. I believe in setting good goals and believe it will help you.