This I Believe

James - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

This I Believe

By James Kinder

What do I believe?

In America, we think that we are free. But are we really? We have fought for many years for the freedom of speech, love, and the ability to live the lives the way we see fit. Were those wars and battles pointless? Do the deaths of those who have fought in the wars for freedom mean nothing? America is supposed to be the land of freedom, but the freedom we have is very limited. Many believe they can do what ever whenever but can we really?

The freedom of speech can only go so far. “You can say what ever you feel as long as it doesn’t offend anyone.” Society states. “You can love anyone as long as you are with in the approved boundaries.” Society screams. Where is the freedom in that? Society has blind-sided us into thinking that freedom is a right, but they really have made it a privilege, a “treat” that we can get for a short while, only when society thinks it is the right time.

I believe that as beings of the human race, we should be able to have freedom with out the fear of being isolated from others when we achieve it. In other words, I believe that we should not have to choose between being truly free and being accepted in society’s eyes.

It seems that if we seek the freedom, outside of the “boundaries” that society has created to “protect” us, we are band from civilization. If you publish something that criticizes the way of the government, you are labeled a traitor. If you love someone of the same sex, you are branded a freak. If you live life in your own unique way, you are labeled a rebel.

As children we are taught that we can have individuality, with in the limits of society. As teenagers we are forced to hide our true self in shame. As adults we are forbidden to have the freedom that we once had as a child.

We demand the freedom that is promised to us. We have paid for it with the lives of thousands upon millions, and yet we see no results. Sure there are the lucky few that have found a way to gain their freedom, but what do the rest of us do? We ridicule them for it. Not because we are angered be the fact that they have it but because we secretly wish we could find our freedom as well.

We live in a country were the freedom that we have fought for has not been delivered yet. But hopefully in the future, those lucky few who have escaped society’s boundaries will teach their children the true meaning of freedom, and in return those children will help protect it for the years to come, and hopefully soon all in the world will be free or at least have some kind of rights that fall under freedom.

This is my essay for what I believe in