This I Believe

Sarah - Midway, Utah
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Sarah F

“This I Believe” Essay

December 14, 2007

A Purpose in Life

I believe that everyone comes to earth fore a specific purpose. But, you need to make the right choices to achieve your divine goal. To reach this, you also must believe that you are important and you can do what you were sent to do. Every person on this earth, who has been on this earth, and will ever be on this earth, has an individual reason for being here. There is a goal that we all were sent to achieve, but whether or not we achieve that goal, relies entirely on us.

Everyone was sent here for a reason. We all have, in a sense, a “destiny”. No life is pointless; we all have a divine purpose. Our reason for life may be big and obvious, or subtle and hard to detect. Those with a subtle destiny may believe that they do not have one and they are worthless. Just because you have yet to find your place in this world, doesn’t mean it’s not there. You may go through life and fulfill what you came here to do, and be totally oblivious to the fact that you did it. Do not think, for one moment, that you don’t belong here. There is something very important you were sent to do, so go out and do it.

To fulfill your role in this life, you must make the right choices and strive for it. Your destiny isn’t just going to happen. To achieve everything you want out of life, you must seize it with both hands. There are many choices and forks in the road you will come to throughout your life. In order for you to live your life the way you were meant to, you need to be careful to choose the correct path. The reason you were sent here will not happen on its own, you need to make it happen; force it into existence. You may face many trials and challenges on you path towards “destiny”, but you can’t give up. The world would not be what it is today if people gave up on the road to greatness.

Many famous people are famous because they achieved what they were sent to achieve. I think that a big part of the reason Abraham Lincoln came to earth when he did, was so he could fight against slavery. Things were hard for him, but he never gave up. He did something great in the world, and I think he was sent here directly for that purpose. I also think that a lot of Alexander Graham Bell’s purpose for living when he did, was so that he could give us the telephone. You’re purpose may affect millions, or it may affect few. It doesn’t matter how many people you were sent to help, the point is, you needed to do it. Your small contribution to someone’s life may affect the process of their own destiny. You may have influenced someone who will go on to do something amazing for the world, but they couldn’t have achieved it without your help.

For a long time, in my own life, I thought my life was pointless. I thought I was just here for the heck of it, and it didn’t matter to anyone else that I was here. For so long I was in a state of depression and self hatred. Nobody cared, I didn’t matter, and no good would come of my life. How wrong I was. Now, I’m not saying that I have realized my life’s purpose, but I know that I have one. Thinking you don’t matter is probably one of the worst things you can possibly believe. I know that I am important. I matter. I will do something great in this world. No, I did not have an amazing epiphany to realize this; it was a very slow process to come to realize my worth. Doubting myself really hurt my life. Being in that state of worthlessness hurt me mentally and physically. And, the thought of my worthlessness may not have just dwelt in my own life; if I never believed I was great, I could affect the choices of another, and change their destiny-possibly for the worse. Realizing that I am here for a purpose is one of the most comforting thoughts I have.

You cannot doubt yourself when it comes to destiny. Yes, it does sound corny and silly, but it’s completely true. This goes along with not giving up. You must hold strong to what life has given you. If you don’t believe that you have meaning and purpose, well then, you may have inevitably destroyed the great affect you could have, in turn, caused in the world. You must know and believe that you are important. And you must strive for greatness. We all have a purpose in life; all we have to do is look for it.