This I Believe

Evan - Sweeny, Texas
Entered on December 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

True Passion

I believe this, that passion is far too scarce in an uninterested world. I am a creature of habit from the way my morning is organized to the place I park at school. Where is passion? I go to church, sing songs, and listen to the preacher. But where is passion? I even play in a worship band two hours after church. Again, where is passion? Ahs it abandoned me; left me lifeless, walking through a routine like a Sci-Fi zombie?

I lost touch with this passion only to find it in the least likely place, myself. But, to understand why this passion is found in me you must understand the origin. Passion is defined as 1.) Extreme emotion; example of love, anger, and jealousy 2.) The sufferings of Christ between the night of the last supper and his death. The latter of the two being the topic of discussion, the actions of Christ is the epitome of all passion, love, mercy, and grace. If you disagree, I must ask this question, have one of your friends been tortured and the crucified for your sake the passion Jesus Christ exhibits in his final hours is the inspiration of my life. He died for me and upon acceptance of him into my life and into my soul he has become a part of me.

The mundane routine still exists but now I have a great passion that drives everything. When I wake up I am filled with joy and excitement for the opportunities ahead. When I sing those songs and listen to the preacher it is not just an activity but also a desire. I do not intend to preach to you but to encourage you not to let the mundane grip your life, but to step back and see the beauty of everything, even in difficult situations. Passion for everything transformed my life.