This I Believe

Mike - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality

Mike P

Morgan 2nd period

AP Lang

October 13, 2007

From the time I knew what the word abortion was; all I’ve heard from my parents, siblings, and people around me was that it was a horrible procedure, and it was also murder. I believe that abortion is one of the highest forms of murder. Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of one human being by another, yet people follow through with abortion everyday and are not punished. Abortion should be illegal everywhere in the world. It deals with political and ethical values, but most of all it deals with the life of a human being.

In the first place, every fetus deserves the right to grow and become a living human being. No baby deserves to die before taking their first breath, or even looking at the world for their first time. Every reason for an abortion is not enough to take a baby’s life. The child bearer is too young, not able to afford a baby, wanting to postpone having a baby, and rape are the main reasons for abortion, but none of these reasons are justified for taking a baby’s life.

Consequently, the baby you killed could have been a major impact on the world. Some could have been geniuses who found the cure for cancer. Others could be nefarious leaders who cause genocide throughout their country. Either way, every child deserves to have a life on earth. Every baby deserves to be born no matter if they were an accident or not. A woman’s pregnancy is not a mistake, but killing her baby is.

Lastly, the parents who caused the murders of their babies have to live with knowing that for the rest of their lives. It brings guilt and shame to them, and it is very difficult to live with. Although abortion is murder, it is still legal in some parts of the United States. People need to take action and fight to make abortion illegal, not just in the United States, but everywhere in the world. Abortion is a problem that many people deal with everyday, but people still make the wrong decisions which could ruin their lives.