This I Believe

chris - roswell, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I Believe in Athletics

I believe you can use athletics to guide your life. People play sports everyday to

help them stay in shape, and more importantly to have fun; but if we don’t take our sports

and apply them to real life, your sport is meaningless. By playing sports I have learned to

treat everyday like a soccer match.

A few months ago I began a journey towards the next level of competitive soccer.

My biggest goal, as of now, is to play college soccer. I have been working really hard,

and constantly thinking about my sport. One day, when I met with a college recruiter, I

had a revelation which has since shaped how I view life. Using your sport to guide your

life could help you to be successful. By using the experiences I have had in soccer, I

began to think differently about my friends, school, and practices.

If we treat people like our teammates, getting along and making friends is the

easiest challenge to be faced with. I treat my teammates with respect. I work hard for

them, practicing five nights a week so as to benefit the whole team. Because I do some

much for my sport and I have practiced these habits why not apply them to real life?

When I get a job after college, I will certainly have to treat my boss and co-workers with

respect, and I will have to work hard to get the paycheck I deserve. If I am not respecting

teammates and working hard now, getting into those habits later will be impossible.

Another question I have and will always ask myself is; “how do you face your biggest

opponent”? If people face challenges in life (especially in school) like a difficult game,

you will be successful. When I play a soccer game I go in with a positive attitude,

thinking “I am going to have to work hard for this win”. If you want to be successful, you

must always try harder than the rest, because someone will always be better than you.

The only way to overcome this is to work hard (especially at practice). The concept of

practice will benefit me later in life. I practice five nights a week to get better at what I

do. I don’t always like practice because of all the running and the yelling by my coach,

but I stick with it anyways. If I spend so much time practicing soccer, I should practice

school the same amount of time, if not more. I don’t always like soccer practice, and I am

not always fond of homework, but I do it anyway because it will always benefit me in the


By playing soccer, I have learned some of life’s most important rules. A few

months ago, I was a complainer. I hated having to work hard in school. I was always the

one saying “Oh great! Mrs. Morgan gave us another essay assignment!”, because I would

have to spend my free time working on it. I have now realized that since I love working

hard at my sport, I needed to connect that to my life. So even when my athletic career

ends, I will still be applying soccer to my life.