This I Believe

Tyler - Dallas, Texas
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that I am a questioning, curious Christian. Sure, I believe in God the Almighty and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Those basic fundamentals of Christianity have been instilled in me since the moment I was born. But I question my faith every single day because I don’t know all of the answers. I don’t know why God allows people to starve, suffer, or die. I don’t know why there are people in this world that cause grief and pain. I don’t know why life is so difficult at times.

I learn at church every Sunday that God forgives all sins. All sins. How can this be? I ask my fellow Christians and ministers this question on a frequent basis and usually receive a simple “Just because” reply. Just because? Is it wrong for me to want to know more instead of simply going with the flow? Now don’t get me wrong; I love my church, friends, and the positive insights that Christianity encompasses. However, I believe that I need to really learn about my faith in order to truly be a Christian.

I have read the Bible in Sunday School since my family first started attending our church. I remember acting out the stories about Moses, Jonah, and Jesus with my pre-k Sunday School class. I, personally, have taken these ancient stories and attempted to apply them to my life. I do not always agree with the lessons, but I strive to look for a moral or quality in each story that I can live up to as a Christian.

I have always questioned those certain Christians that read the Bible word-for-word and claim to live by it word-for-word. As humans, aren’t we susceptible to the ability to think for ourselves? I think that most Christians would be lying if they said that they had never questioned some of the lessons in the Bible. I believe that the Bible was written to enrich Christians’ lives with the word of God and is open to interpretation.

Even Christian icons have questioned their faith at one time or another. Just recently, it was discovered that Mother Teresa had debated Christianity. Because of this, people have discredited her teachings and called her a fake. Mother Teresa influenced millions of Christians worldwide with her wisdom and faith. How can we call this woman a fake? I believe that questioning makes us stronger in our beliefs and faith. Mother Teresa shows us that questioning leads to discovery which leads to a stronger belief in Christianity.

As I have grown older, I have become even more curious about Christianity. I have experienced the works of God through mission work in Mexico, Nicaragua, England, and even in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I have seen suffering people who can’t pay their bills, buy a loaf of bread, or even keep their families protected. This has led me to ask myself and others more questions about why God allows this pain to exist. In many situations, I am shocked to find out that those underprivileged people still hold on to their faith tightly. This has caused me to go down a road of discovery with my faith. These experiences have shown me God’s miracles and how compassionate Christians can be.

Through my experiences, I have begun to understand what it means to be a Christian. I may not always understand some of the reasoning behind my faith, but I will continue to grow and learn as I experience more. I believe that I am a questioning, curious Christian on a mission to discover the beauty of my faith.