This I Believe

Sota - Issaquah, Washington
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I think that everyone needs to keep his/her ears and eyes open throughout all one’s lifetime. Such as not walking across the street when the light is still red. This rule can save many lives and a whole lot of pain. I also believe that this philosophy works in daily life. For example, like the time when the teacher gives out homework assignments very subtly. If you keep your ears open, there will be no way that you will not get your assignments. So it’s just like today, when I was about to go to school on my bike, I noticed that the clouds were all grayish colored and it was about to rain. I had ignored that and had not worn a jacket or sweatshirt. On the way back home, it was pouring down on me like a bucket of water. My lesson from this was that when I notice that it is about to rain, I should wear a coat so I will not get all frozen up inside and outside while getting soaked. So my way of thinking is that when where is something that you can prepare for, then you should prepare. But when something happens to you that you cannot do anything about, just let it pass by. I say that you should let something pass by because if it is truly something that you cannot do anything about it, then by trying, it would be a waste of energy and time. For example, when I am studying for a vocabulary test and on the day of the test I notice that I have studied the wrong words and do not even know any of the words for the test. Then even if I try, either way, I will get no points. This all may sound shallow and seem like all I ever think about are my grades and the weather. But actually, these types of events occur in everyday life and to everybody. That is why I have created this basic belief, that there will be many times in your life that you can prepare for, but when you cannot do anything about it, you should accept the reality and be prepared for the next time that might happen.