“A Bond like No Other”

Emily - Wells, Maine
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in the bond of family. I grew up in a family of six children. One would think that when we were old enough, we would move out of the house and discover the world on our own.

My older sister who is twenty-seven went to Endicott college for a year but returned home after being homesick and finished school as a commuter student. My oldest brother who’s twenty-two attended a nearby college, then his second year, he flew out to California. After a month of pretending to go to school, he returned home. My older brother who’s nineteen received a scholarship to play football at Springfield College. During the first semester, after a life threatening occurance, he returned home. Then there is me. I am eighteen. I tried to go out and change the world by joining Americorps. After a roadtrip down to Tennessee, I realized that I belonged home with my family, so I enrolled in classes at a nearby college.

Living in such a large family is like a full-time job. We all need to help out around the house. Dishes need to get done, laundry must be folded, trash must be taken out, and meals needed to be prepared. We all need to help out in order for it to be a sucessful household.

Every Christmas Eve, each of us are given a present. Year after year, it’s the same present: we all get matching pajamas. We all get cozied in our new pajamas and a family portrait is taken in front of the lighted Christmas tree. Then we gather around the fireplace and are read, Twas The Night Before Christmas. I love looking at older photos of us in our matching sleep atire. The year of red, one-piece jump suits is my all time favorite. This is a family tradition we have, and I hope it will continue on for many more years.

I do not understand how my Mom puts up with all of us. She manages to weave around our schedules and pick us up from our practices and events. We all participated in sports whether it was football, soccer, basketball, or cross- country, and there was always a family member on the sidelines for support.

We do everything together. We still get family portraits, we go on family vacations, and we attend each others events. We are a support system for one another. Why can’t we escape our nest? Is it because we have two younger siblings that we want to see grow by our side?

In the end, we can not leave one another. We try and try, but we get as far as Tennessee and California and look back and realize there is no better place in the world than being home with our brothers and sisters. I believe in the bond of my family.