This I Believe

Derick - 84049, Utah
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Challenging Yourself

Imagine you were flying down a mountain 50 mph. with the wind slapping your face. The smell of the winter snow streaming up your nose. The sound of the snow like a thunder storm in your ears, and the colored blurs of trees and people speeding past. I believe in challenging yourself. When you challenge yourself it can provide knew opportunities and bring a new world to your eyes. So I like to compare this to skiing. Since when you ski it can push you to the limit, when your doing tricks or just learning the fundamentals of it. A challenge for some people can be just doing an everyday thing in life like speaking up in a crowd, or raising your hand in class. Then for most people it is doing something crazy or extremely daring. So in the winter in my life it is skiing. Everyday I try to do something knew that I have never done before. When you do this, it will make you stronger and better in your sport or your challenge.

A couple of days ago me and my friends went skiing up at a local ski resort. When we got there we were all excited to get out on the slopes and get into the terrain parks. So we hurried and got our boots on and headed out onto the snow. After taking the long and cold lift up to the top of the mountain we started to head down fast. Maybe even a little to fast, because when we were going down a steep part I almost fell. Soon enough we were at the first terrain park. This got everyone so ecstatic that we, rudely, cut straight to the front of the line and sped into the park. I was second so I knew exactly which jump had a slick box and a good landing. So being my first time out that season I would normally go slow and be cautious. But this time a wasn’t going to let my fear take control of me. When I was coming up to the first box I hit it as perfect as a pro. Then across the snow I saw an almost vertical jump that had a perfect landing. So I cut across the snow and hit this jump way to hard. This sent me straight up into the air, so I decided a would try a tail grab. So in a split second a had grabbed my skis and held on until the last second. When I had gotten to the end of the park I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I had taken a huge risk on my first day out.

Now if everyone takes on a challenge like this I feel that it would make the world a better and more exciting place to live in. I feel that since I did this it has made me a better skier and has pushed me to the limit. This has also made me very aware of the dangers when you challenge yourself. So as long as we continue to challenge ourselves we can continue to get better and stronger with our challenge.

By: Derick Boss