This I Believe

Eddie - Heber, Utah
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

“That’s stupid!” “Why would you waste your time.” These are phrase that I here a lot. People like to make fun of me, they would tell me i liked stupid things and there were better ways to spend my time. My belief is that everyone is entitled to there opinion.

There are a lot of ways i like to spend my time. Most of these things are commonly used to describe the word “nerd”. I like video games and the card game YU-GI-OH. A lot of people tell me that they think that these things are childish and stupid but i enjoy them a lot. I like video games because its a chance to be some else live in an entire other world where your favorite myths and legends are real. you control what happens and what your character does. in a sense it is a lot like reading a book but you can see everything and you control the outcome.

Another one of my favorite things to do is build my YU-GI-OH decks, it is really a lot of work and i like the strategy involved. once i reached a point where I understood the entire game and i was really good at it it became really fun. This is all my opinion.

I remember when I moved to Utah a friend of mine tried to get me to do farm work with him, he enjoys it but its not my thing. I respect his opinion on that and don’t bother him about it.

It annoys me when people tell me that I should this or think that. I believe i should have my own opinion. I wish people wouldn’t judge other people for their opinion. I know sometimes i will say things in front of my friends just so they still like me and i wish i didn’t have to. This leads to people hiding their true thoughts for years when their voice could have stopped something terrible from happening.

I would think if people were aloud to voice there opinion without being ridiculed people would understand each other and that things would get fixed that need fixing. That’s why i believe every one is entitled to their opinion.