This I Believe

Aaron - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe in Teddy Bears

I believe in teddy bears. Fluffy and soft teddy bears, the kind of teddy bear where everyone wants to hug. Big teddy bears, Small teddy bears, Pink teddy bears, Black teddy bears and especially the “I’m not even sure what in God’s name that is,” teddy bears. I believe in each and every one of them: I Believe teddy bears are hope.

The black boiling cup of coffee sat just within my reach. I was about three and had never tried coffee before. My somewhat curious nature compelled me to reach up and grab the cup. Of course lacking any coordination, like all three-year-old, caused me to pour the coffee down my back. Oh how I remember the pain, the all consuming pain. No pain before this point compared to the pain I felt then: Everyone heard my screams.

Running in to the sound of my screams my parents immediately discovered the source of my screams. Quickly rushing me off to the hospital my parents knew my back was burnt. As soon as we arrived, I was dashed to the emergency room. The only treatment for my burn was to peal all of the skin off my back. Of course I resisted the pealing and I remember kicking several doctors in the face. The loud sound of my screams drove the doctors insane. Everyone, doctors, nurses, random people, my family, tried to calm me. Everyone failed. Finally, the doctors out of desperation decided to give me a teddy bear, and the bear instantly calmed me.

In a moment of pain and fear and shame, the teddy bear transcended physical boundaries and became a friend. Often I would wonder why the Teddy Bear calmed me when everything else failed. I now believe teddy bears and other things like them are reminders. Reminders of hope. Hope simply because the love put into teddy bears is hope. Hope of better tomorrow, hope for a point to it all, and hope for hope. Everyone needs a teddy bear at some point because at some point everyone needs hope. Without hope what is the meaning behind anything.