I Believe Music Can Be Everything

Nathan - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

I believe in music. Music is what I do. Music is how I live. I spend countless hours marching and sweating in a parking lot. Not because my band director tells me to, but because of the music. I just spent my past Saturday at a state-wide audition. I saw many other musicians there; some competing for a chair, others were there to make a point, yet I was there for an opportunity to learn more about music. In fact I want to learn about music so much that is why I take private lessons every week, why I march in a parking lot eight hours a week, and why I am taking up guitar.

I play the bassoon, I sit first chair Symphonic Band I, the highest possible. I could be content with that; however why should I stop there? In fact why ever stop striving higher? My AP Language teacher tells me that she will never give us a one hundred on a paper because it could always be better, therefore why shouldn’t it be the same for music? While I am writing this I know there is something I could do better just like at my audition this past Saturday. Ironic? Not really. That is writing and literature. That is music.

“Nathan when you speak about bassoon and the music you play, I see that you truly have a love for music, a passion,” my dad tells me. That is the passion that drives me while I am marching on a scorching Saturday from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. As I march the sweat trickles down my face, each step I take is precise, careful, smooth. Every moment my eyes dart back and forth aligning myself with the form around me, aware that I am no longer an individual, I am the Walton Raider High School Marching Band. My feet hit the asphalt with a thud as I lunge outwards. I snap back into form and glide to my new position fluid ease. Then it is over and the music rings in my ears a while longer. The rush, the thrill, the eloquence of the last note as it rings true and makes the work worth the experience.

I don’t go to school to learn about math or what the Japanese Shogunate did way back when. I don’t go so I can talk with the Latinos I see on mission trips, in fact I don’t even go so that I can write papers. I go for the music that I love. That opportunity each school day to learn more. I strive for the best though in all of my subjects so that I can have the opportunity to do whatever in music. I hope that by learning these things it will help me with music. Music I believe can be everything.